Ezemvelo Nature Reserve is one of South Africa’s best- kept secrets, only an hour's drive from O.R. Tambo International Airport & 45 minutes from Pretoria. The reserve is home to 22 plant communities, more than 286 bird species, and a variety of small and large mammals including kudu, leopard, aardwolf and brown hyena. Ezemvelo boasts insects and trees unique to the reserve, some featured on the red data threatened species list, spectacular cliffs and huge rock formations. Situated between the grassland and savanna biomes, elements of both biomes are contained within the reserve, making it biologically diverse and exceptionally valuable ecologically.

Ezemvelo is unique as tourists have the opportunity to get a “hands-on‟ interaction with nature. While many reserves will not allow visitors to step out of their car, Ezemvelo offers the opportunity to experience the reserve on foot and bicycle. Tourists can also use a game drive vehicle or their own car, with experienced guides available. Children of any age are allowed into the reserve.

Our aim is green and sustainable ecotourism offering conservation awareness; visitors can experience nature through walking trails, cycling, birding tours and guided drives. Educational tourism is our focus: we offer "Friends of Ezemvelo" working weekends, tourist education programs, and leadership and team building workshops within the reserve itself.

Ezemvelo also offers facilities for conferences, weddings, camping and overnight stays. Tourists may be interested to know that the reserve is also home to a student campus called MERU, where students live and work within nature while studying for their Bachelor of Management in conservation and sustainable living. Combining education, tourism and conservation is a key focus of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.