Mountain Biking

There are few things more wonderful than biking around a game reserve on a combination of single track and jeep track. The hills of Ezemvelo provide a decent challenge to cyclists, but the long winding down-hills await those who persevere. With some technical challenges on the rocky hills of Ezemvelo, no cyclist will go home disappointed. For the amateur rider there is a short easy route, but for the more advanced there is a tricky 46km route that covers most of the reserve.

Recommended gear: helmet, water
Recommended bike: for the easy 11km, any bike will do, but for the longer routes a new age mountain bike, hard or soft tail, is recommended


12km – Easy Difficulty

Mix between single and jeep track with very limited technical sections.

Download Route Map (PDF)

12km biking trail - google earth


20km – Moderate Difficulty

This trail speaks to the adventurer. The trail winds its way through the Bohlokwa section, an area where the only access is by foot or mountain bike. An unmarked jeep track takes you through the spectacular scenery of this section, with one steep long climb to add to everything.

Download Route Map (PDF)

Ezemvelo Biking Trail - 20km - Google Earth

22km – Moderate Difficulty

Mix between single and jeep track with some rocky sections that could prove difficult.

Download Route Map (PDF)

22km biking trail - google earth

40km – Tough Difficulty

A long hard ride with decent elevation. Some rocky sections in the hills could prove difficult.

Download Route Map (PDF)

40km biking trail - google earth