General Info / Pricing


Like any reserve, conservation of nature and the safety of our clients are of utmost importance. Please adhere to the following rules of the reserve at all times:


  1. No littering.
  2. Fires are only allowed in demarcated areas.
  3. No offroading.
  4. Clients are not to pass the booms in their vehicles. Access only by foot or mountain bike.
  5. Adhere to reserve speed limit.
  6. At no point may wildlife be disturbed or fed.
  7. No night driving in private vehicles.
  8. Report any unsavoury activity to reception.
  9. Use of facilities and hiking trails at own risk.
  10. No music.



There is a shop on the reserve. The shop only stocks the basics: snacks, cool drinks, fire wood, etc. We do not have a liquor license and therefore no alcohol is available for sale on the premises. For all other items, guests are requested to bring along what they require.

Activity Pricing

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