Environmental Education Camps

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Allowing learners to fall in love with nature and the environment or at least understand it before we require of them to save it.

Ezemvelo offers overnight camps and day programmes arranged around different age groups suitable for primary & high school learners, facilitated by our own Conservation team.

The content focuses on today’s Environmental challenges and concepts, as well as Conservation aspects with a holistic and active approach.

Activities and topics include plant identification, wildlife signs, wetland conservation, deforestation, biodiversity loss, today’s environmentally friendly concepts, hiking, bonfires, stargazing, debates, nature games & team building in nature. Depending on the group, we add other and more in depth aspects to the programme.

Educational groups are welcome to conduct their own programme or add requirements to our existing programmes.

You have the option to self cater or we can outsource the catering for you based in our private camp facility

Ezemvelo means ‘Return to Nature’ in Zulu, therefore the camps are aimed at reconnecting youth with Nature, so that they can have a better understanding of the impacts humans have on the planet and why it is important to conserve Nature.

Kindly enquire at conservation@ezemvelo.co.za for more information & Environmental camp bookings.